What is a chatbot really for?

Known as a conversation agent, the chatbot has been programmed to simulate a conversation in natural language. Association of words like chat (discussion) and bot (robot), the chatbot has become very frequent on several sites, especially e-commerce sites. Discover the real advantages of a chatbot by reading this article.

customer service automation

Chatbots were designed to fill the need of users in terms of questions. Should the chatbot become overwhelmed by the user's problem, the chabot will redirect the user to the appropriate service. To go to this site and you will discover more about this tool. Chatbots are very friendly services and take care of secondary tasks, allowing employees to spend more time on primary tasks.

Chatbot responds to you at any time

Sleep is an enemy for humans when it comes to business. A human can't answer you at all times, a chatbot can. Day or night, thanks to your chatbot, you will be able to satisfy your customers in no time.

Boosting sales

The chatbot simplifies sales service. Customers have the ability to order via your chatbot. This way, they won't have to call you anymore, nor spend hours searching for the product they want on the website. They will only have to ask your chatbot the product they want to buy so that it can find it and suggest other products that might interest them. This allows you to make additional sales.

the chatbot saves you stress

Serving a customer is not easy. You have a duty to be courteous even when they are unhappy, angry and disrespectful. Stress can negatively impact your sales performance. Indeed, unlike a human, the chatbot does not feel any emotion. It does not feel stress or fatigue. Whatever the mood of the customer, it will always answer politely. The chatbot brings you more benefits and is online 24 hours a day to bring satisfaction to the customer.