What do you need to know about the New Tourism Tax?

Would you like a change of scenery and to discover new horizons? Well, you should know that Cancún is the tourist destination to make your wish come true. Located in Mexico, Cancún offers its visitors wonders. However, in order to stay there, foreigners are required to pay the New Tourist Tax Visitax. Here is what you need to know about the Visitax tourism tax.

How to get the New Tourism Tax

The New Tourism Tax or Visitax Cancun is a tax this stay applied to foreigners who wish to visit Cancun. In fact, the Visitax Cancun tax allows them to stay in the territory for 180 days. To obtain the Visitax Cancun, it is necessary to provide personal information in order to complete the form. In order to obtain the Visitax Cancun tax, it is necessary to provide personal information in order to fill out the application form, such as the number of travelers, the name and passport number of the travelers, the date of departure and the payment reference. Once the application is sent you will receive a unique QR code by email. The whole process will not take you more than 10 minutes.

How to pay the New Visitax tourism tax

There are several ways to pay your Visitax Cancun tourist tax. However, some means of payment are simple and effective unlike others. The most commonly used payment method is online payment. A large number of tourists pay their tourist tax online, well before their arrival in Cancún. Other foreigners pay their tourist tax using financial transaction applications. You have the choice of paying by credit card or PayPal or paying by cash. However, payment by cash is done at the airport. In this case, the persons concerned will receive physical receipts attesting to their subscription.