What are the steps to follow to install a pool with peelable and adhesive foam concrete formwork?

Note that installing a concrete block swimming pool does not happen on a whim. First, you need specific building materials. Once the materials have been acquired, you will have to follow certain specific steps. You will learn more about the subject through this guide.


As mentioned earlier, you will need some resources before installation. As for extra resources, there are dedicated sites where to look. Once you have acquired them you can begin to delimit the pool by marking the perimeter with a line. Then start from point 0 to determine the depth using a laser to balance the height at the various corners.

The installation of the walls

You need to seal and caulk the drains. Then put the vertical bars every 20 cm by welding them to the trellises. Then pour the concrete slab and wait about 28 days for the blocks to dry. Put the blocks on the metal irons. For good adhesion, cross them on the angles. Then plan on the penultimate row to install the delivery nozzles and skimmers.

Pour the concrete into the cells of the blocks

Start filling the concrete from one angle to another continuously after mixing it with a concrete mixer. Complete the filling with your trowel and then smooth with a ruler.

Connect the basin maintenance equipment

Connect the distribution nozzles, the skimmers and the broom plug using the hoses. The filter should be attached to the drain pump.

Design of a wooden pool deck

You have to build a concrete footing and let it solidify for 72 hours. Secure after the deck joists via a metal square and lag bolts. Screw the boards to the joists after cutting them with the saw.

Prepare and project the plaster in the basin

Use the water to mix the waterproofing compound in the concrete mixer. Leave on the wheelbarrow for 5 minutes. Apply the second coat 48 hours after applying the first coat, making sure to fill the corners well.

This is the information you need to build your concrete block pool. Opt for ready-mixed concrete for more speed. 3 months after the construction of the swimming pool, declare it to the tax authorities.