Team building, a real way to consolidate your team

Have you ever experienced a situation where you felt like not all of your team members were on the same page ? Then there is a simple and fun solution. These are team building activities. These activities aim to improve relations between team members, consolidate cooperation or simply get to know each other. In this article, we offer you some activities that can help you build your team.

Opt for the organization of the Olympic Games to challenge your teams

Keep your team motivated by having them participate in an activity marathon. You can choose from very fun mini games like sumo wrestling, sack race, foosball competition, mess. If you want more advice, learn the facts here now. Be original by finding challenges that will allow your employees to bring out their potential and harness it for the benefit of the company. Take advantage of these moments to introduce and integrate your new recruits into the team. Distribute points for each event and rank at the end to reward the best groups with coupons, goodies.

Organize art and music lessons

If you want to boost the creativity of your teams, go for painting ! Choose a theme on which participants are to create a giant artistic mural. They will be able to express their inventiveness and contribute to a common work. At the end, display their achievement in the office corridor or in the break room to remind them of the values of a team : communication, creativity and good humor. You can also have your employees participate in a music class. It’s also a great way to build team cohesion. Everyone agrees on the same tempo. Such activity can increase harmony within your business, so that work can move forward at a synchronized pace. In addition, cooking activities are also useful for bringing a group together. Propelled by flagship programs like « Top Chef » or « The best pastry chef », cooking has become a passion for many people. It must be said that this activity calls on many essential qualities in a business : determination, stress management, creativity, communication and team spirit.

Opt for an escape game

Very popular, the escape game is a very cerebral game where participants must solve puzzles to escape from a room. Practiced as a team, this activity is ideal for strengthening the cohesion of your employees and teaching them to work together. It is also an opportunity to detect the strengths of each employee : logic, general knowledge, strategy, thinking. To strengthen solidarity and team spirit within your company, organize at least 2 team building days per year. Consider varying the themes to unite your employees around different elements : the collective, competitiveness, creativity, etc.