How to decorate your home with wall art?

To make your interior more pleasant, you can use wall paintings. With these pictures, you can create an atmosphere that will have links with your personality. In this article you will find some tips that can help you to make your home more pleasant.

Choosing the right wall to decorate 

To make your wall decoration a success, the choice of the wall on which you will have to place the pictures is important. When you have a narrow wall, you should not go for this option to clutter up your wall. Virginie Schroeder is a painter who makes many works of art with these inspirations. She recommends that you choose rooms that are well spaced to install your paintings. You can also use the painted pictures that are on online sites or in magazines dedicated to wall decoration. The pictures can be installed in a corner, above your sofa or bed. It is possible to choose a horizontal alignment to cover the length of your hallway or staircase with beautiful paintings. Finally, it is possible to choose a personalised picture to decorate your wall.

Installing frames on patterned walls

After choosing the room in which you will install your pictures, start by drilling the walls. Your blank or plain wall should be painted with pretty patterns. If you are using wallpaper, it is recommended that you remove it and repaint the wall using a solid colour. You can use the colour pink, water green, to paint your wall before installing the paintings.

Focus on artwork

When you choose a frame wall, you should paint the wall with a unique colour and it should be personal. For this reason, you should not choose only art objects, you can opt for family photos, magazines that caught your attention, illustrations of some special events, etc. You can take inspiration from decoration websites to give your interior a personal look.