How to deal with a high flange when repairing a leaking toilet bowl ?

In a house, toilets play an important role for the inhabitants. They allow them to relieve themselves. If not properly managed, these toilets leak water because of the height of the flange. This causes discomfort in the house. So how do you fix the water leakage taking into account the flange? This article offers some tips.

Raising the floor level of the bathroom

The water leakage in the toilet is caused by a very high flange level. To find out more, subscribe to that site. In fact, when the flange is too high, the risk of leakage is enormous. Therefore, it is important to raise the floor level. This can be achieved by using rubber shims. The advantage of these shims is that they can be compressed without spoiling. With these wedges, you do not actually need locks to secure them. They are easy to handle. Next, grout the area around the toilet with sand, leaving some space for the wedges. 

Once the wedges are in place, leave them for at least 24 hours before removing them. If the wedges are difficult to remove, you can break them off and make them disappear. Imperfections found during the repair can be corrected with the remaining grout. The nuts must be tightened gently on the cabinet bolts to avoid damaging the flange again.

Lowering the toilet flange level

Another solution to water leakage is to lower the toilet flange level. To do this, turn off the water supply at the tap and then empty the water tank. Using a spanner, you disconnect the supply line. The fixing bolts on the lower side of the toilet bowl must be unscrewed. After all this, any residual chemicals in the flange should be cleaned out.

The next step is to use the extensions that are on the flange to adjust the toilet. The bolts and smaller grooves will be placed in the flange. After that, silicone glue should be used on the surface of the extension and the flange. Finally, the toilet should be put back in place with the washers and nuts available. The water system should be reconnected to ensure that the top of the nut is level.