How to choose your Tongue Drum?

You want to buy a Tongue Drum, but you are not sure which model to choose from the wide range of styles available? Don't panic! How to choose efficiently your Tongue Drum? Find on this text the criteria of choice of a Tongue Drum. This article proposes you the different points you have to take into account to make an optimal choice of Tongue Drum.

The number of languages for your Tongue Drum

The number of languages is the first characteristic you should think about when you want to buy a Tongue Drum. Indeed, the number of languages is directly related to the number of notes you can combine with your instrument. So, if you want to play music scores, you need to get a Tongue Drum model that has a lot of languages. Find out more about your handpan in Finland here. 
Note that the more languages you have, the more possibilities in terms of songs to play are guaranteed. The number of languages has an important influence on the overall complexity of the musical tool. If you are an intuitive player, or if you are guided by your own taste, the number of languages is not very important. 

How big should your Tongue Drum be?

The size of your Tongue Drum is also an important factor when it comes to choosing a musical instrument that meets your requirements. In general, a small Tongue Drum is very comfortable to move around with. Under 20 or 30 cm in diameter, it will fit in most backpacks. 
In addition, the increase of the resonance box of your Tongue Drum is in function of the size of this one. We recommend a small instrument for playing energetic and fast melodies. Larger models produce deep sounds for a relaxing atmosphere.