Discover 3 treatments with the intimate clothes you must have

The care of the underwear is mainly necessary to maintain the health and well-being of the intimate area. Indeed, lingerie is in direct contact with the sensitive parts of our body which are vulnerable to infections. We've prepared this article so that you know some of the underwear care you should have on a daily basis.

Do a good wash

It is important that underwear is washed separately from other items. It is also better that the female underwear is not washed with the male underwear, to avoid any kind of contamination. The ideal is to use liquid soap with neutral pH (see this information on the label). After washing, be sure to rinse the parts well so that they do not have any soap residue. So avoid bleaches and fabric softeners, as these substances can damage the fibers of the fabric and cause allergies during prolonged use. Washing should be manual, mainly for underwear with laces, bows, bowls, pendants and other more delicate details.

Be careful with drying

Here's a very important tip: Remember to never leave your underwear to dry in the bathroom stall. This area is very humid, so bacteria and fungi can proliferate quickly and make the room unsuitable for use. In this way, anyone who wears this underwear can get allergies and irritation, which is detrimental to their intimate health. So, the good thing is to hang your underwear in a ventilated place and in the shade never in the sun, because the sun damages the elastane of the elastics and the fabrics. It is also important that drying is done in environments free from excessive dust. If in doubt, check the panty label to see the stated drying method. For bras, be careful not to leave the cups wrinkled while the garment is drying.